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I for one have never come onto this forum and bashed downtown Hamilton. I love downtown and want only the best for it--I stand by that. I was born in the city, raised in the suburbs--it is the locale my parents (who were both from the east end) chose for us. I may have played hockey and little league close to home and attended a county board school, but we also went to Tiger-Cats games, shopped downtown every Saturday and saw movies at the Tivoli and Century. I had my high school prom at the Royal Connaught. Therefore, if I come onto this forum with a balanced opinion about development issues it is not to the determent of downtown, urban-living or urban-dwellers. I absolutely resent any suggestion to the contrary, and if someone is levelling an accusation in that regard, I suggest that accusation be defended. I have been accused in the past of taking things that are said here "personally." Well, in this instance, I absolutely have taken this personally. An elitist attitude toward people who live "outside" the city is no different than an unfounded negative attitude toward downtown, or urban-dwelling.

I for one, am at a loss as to why there cannot be balance in these discussions. Indeed, roads in the suburbs are costly to build, in much the same way neglected inner-city infrastructure is expensive to maintain. RTH, indeed you pay dearly to build roads in Ancaster--as my parent's pay dearly to fix watermains in the north end of the city. As opposed as I was to amalgamation--I believed for a time that it might be workable. Reading through this forum makes me believe otherwise.
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