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Originally Posted by fastcarsfreedom View Post
There is passion here certainly, but there is also an undercurrent of elitism--elitism that one poster actually boasted about.
please don't drag me into this...but since you have i'll make a point.

i grew up in an old dundas neighbourhood. i lived mere seconds from my school, parks, streams, candy and ice cream shops, the library, toy stores, five and dime stores, get the idea. it was the perfect childhood. i was able to go about my business largely without parental chaperone. i learned how to interact with people, with adults in particular. it was like leave it to beaver without all the bullshit.

when i was ten we moved to the highland hills area of dundas. it was a new neighbourhood, sterile. by year two the house began to fall apart, quite literally. there was nothing and i mean nothing to do. no street life. no sidewalk! no one to talk to. the closest variety store was at creighton and governor's rd. it was a soulless neighbourhood and it was a tragic place to spend my adolescent years. it wouldn't wish that sort of life on anyone. my story has been repeated a million times over. the suburbs suck. sorry to have to break that to you.

today i live downtown. i don't own a car. i walk to work. call me elitist if you will but i think that's a better life than spending untold minutes sitting in a pickup truck, in a drive-thru line, waiting for a double-double.
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