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With all do respect RTH, I wouldn't say Cambridgite is stirring up drama. There are people here who feel passionately--we know that--and sometimes passion = hyperbole. Nonetheless there have been numerous occassions in this forum--where, for instance, people who live in the suburbs have been belittled openly. There is passion here certainly, but there is also an undercurrent of elitism--elitism that one poster actually boasted about. Moreover, Cambridgite is correct--the vast majority of residential growth in the Waterdown area are GTA-escapers. The GTA-wash is coming to the entire area--as it has washed through Peel and Halton over the past 30 years. This means residential growth of all kinds--some people will want suburban life, others will want a more urban environment--the demand is going to grow for all forms of housing. Reading between the lines of Cambridgite's post, I would argue he is ideologically a lot closer to the majority of posters on SSP than he is to cut him some slack.
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