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Originally Posted by montréaliste View Post
Where did you get that we don't have natural gas lines in residential areas in Quebec? Energir, the old Gaz Metropolitain company has built a shitload of lines in Montreal for like, ever.
Sure but that's only in downtown and/or highrise areas, no?

I have at least three separate properties that are connected to Gaz Métro (nowadays Énergir) but they're all in commercial areas in downtown Sherbrooke. AFAIK, no residential neighborhood in this province (areas with individual homes) can do what's done in Berkeley, i.e. having gas water heaters and gas stoves and gas clothes dryers. In fact I have never seen such appliances in the province. I've seen NG furnaces (for hot water heating systems) and NG stoves in my buildings (for my restaurant tenants), but that's it.

Maybe in Montreal Island highrises they have gas appliances, but again, doubtful. I know a few people who live in urban areas (sis in Verdun, good friend on Park Ave just on the other side of Mt Royal, family friend in Westmount, etc.) and no one has anything but electric appliances.
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