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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
My brother works at Google. It's not a "lunchroom cafeteria." It's a large, gourmet, multi-faceted, chef driven operation with dozens of options prepared each day. The ambiance is hip, industrial, sophistication. There's even a ramen bar. He can eat 3 different healthy meals there each day if he chose (though many techies are adopting my decades long strategy of intermittent fasting). This is not uncommon in big tech.
And in investment banking. I worked at Credit Suisse, and JP Morgan, and barely cooked a meal in years. We had extensive in-house food options, dinners (from any restaurant) were generally covered, there was almost always breakfast, we had a well-stocked pantry for snacking, and there are so many in-house catered functions that there would always be food present.

I think we got $25 for dinner, but it was really unlimited, because we would pool our dinner orders and our managers would cover any overages. And this was 15-20 years ago. So we could order from fancy steakhouses every single night, seven days a week, in theory. Obviously, the point is the employer wants to keep you working.
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