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I'm thinking of re-doing the Burj Dubai using SC3URK in order to remove the height limit in BAT, also it maybe more helpful getting the geometry correct as well (with all those curves). The problem at the moment is getting hands of the Rendering Kit.

If not, I'll be designing and replacing every single build in the game to fit the scale using BAT (unfortunately roads, sims, trees, and other structures that cannot be edited will have to remain the same).

The city itself won't be confined to one map alone, so I will have to build the Palm Islands seperately, with several extensions to Dubai on numerous maps. I will design the map as accurately as I can as well. Hopefully I can get a fairly decent depiction of a completed Dubai before the real Dubai is completed.

Reason why I'm doing it in SC3 rather than 4, because it's more playable for me.
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