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Originally Posted by eltodesukane View Post
Too bad we still don't have double-tracking on this line.
Will there ever be? Not for this generation it seems.
Trillium has a history of extremely slow and painful upgrades. I'm sure double tracking will happen at some point, but no timeline has been established. It will all depend on ridership/capacity.

Pre-pandemic, I was fairly confident capacity would be reached quickly with Stage 2. Post-pandemic, I'm not quite as sure.

The City doesn't need to double track the entire line at once. North of the Dow's Lake tunnel will happen in part (could happen in full) by 2028 in time for the opening of the new Civic, but that may not do anything for overall capacity. Double tracking Walkley seems to be the next step to increase frequencies from 12 to 10 minutes, which would represent a 20% capacity increase. I assume Mooney's Bay/Ellwood would be next after that.

Note that the 2013 "upgrades" were suppose to increase frequencies from 15 to 8 minutes, but that failed miserably. The best they could do was 12 minutes.
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