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Whilst looking around S San Pedro Street to work out which building e_r's 1970s pictures were taken from, I found this building at 420 San Pedro Street.


Now known as Little Tokyo Lofts, I can't find any previous mentions (I searched for the old and new names, and the address). In its early days it was the Westinghouse Building. The view below is from 1933.

USC Digital Library

There's a page about Little Tokyo Lofts on which contains the following paragraph:
In 1922, a six-story building was built at 420 South San Pedro Street by general contractor, the Weber Showcase and Fixture Company. It is assumed that it was built for the Westinghouse Electric Company, after all, the words "Electric Bldg" are carved into the front facade above the lobby and the "W" Westinghouse logo is found in the floor tile of the lobby elevator and on the central tower. However, it isn't definite because the oldest building permit with Westinghouse mentioned as owner is dated 1923; documentation from 1922 doesn't mention an owner. The architect, according to city planning records, is unknown.
After looking through the building records, I'd have to disagree with several of these statements. This appears to be the new building permit from 1922. It's for a six-story warehouse at 412 to 424 S San Pedro Street. The owner is given as Harry D Bowman (the 1923 CD lists him as a civil engineer) at 1128 Van Nuys Building. The architects were Noerenberg & Johnson, and the contractor was Earl B Newcomb at 913 Pantages Building.

Online Building Records

The Condopedia page mention the words "Electric Bldg" appearing above the door.


While that may be true today, the 1933 picture (above) shows that it once said "Westinghouse". The circle on the tower also appears blank in that image - the "W" must've been added later.

Detail of USC image above
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