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Originally Posted by Swede View Post
Like you say, it's all relative, e.g. the official Stockholm metro is less dense than the Netherlands as a whole. Also, population forcasts 40 years into the future is way too much guesswork to be credible. Useing these kind of projections into the future to point out a a current sitation has it's uses but nobody actually thinks this is how things will turn out...
That's very true. Especially knowing that this thread is based in part on an unexpected raise of the fertility rate in France since 2000. If demography wasn't able to plan what happened 7 years ago, we have all reasons to be cautious about what will happen in the next 50 years.

Now this being said, it's true that there's something very real today, and it is that there are more French new-born babies than German new-born babies. In 2006, about 820,000 French babies are born and about 675,000 German babies are born. As a result, the trend leads currently to a reducing gap of population between both countries. Now we don't know if that trends will continue, we don't know how immigration will go on. Well, many things can change from now to 2057.
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