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Originally Posted by Minato Ku View Post
TGV trains can run on regular lines (to reach many destinations outside the high speed lines)
I was waiting for someone to notice the lack of barrier fencing and the visibly slower speed in the video.

Somehow, to all of the CAHSR haters, the TGV is "real" HSR, despite its many slow sections, grade crossings, and its slow approach to Paris, but CAHSR won't be "real" HSR despite its full grade separation and relatively speedy 110mph approaches to LA and SF. CAHSR is also paying for dozens of freight rail grade separations, so there are significant safety and speed advantages for freight.

If any area of CAHSR could get away with a few grade crossings, it would be the approach to Sacramento. Each and every railroad grade crossing is horrifically expensive, so if things get tight for Phase 2, we might see a compromise or two in that area.
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