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Originally Posted by jmecklenborg View Post
I'd like for the CAHSR haters to state what, exactly, they demand. Because somehow an express run from LA to SF that is 5-10 minutes slower than the currently unknown transit time is a huge problem.

Where speed really matters isn't so much the transit time as the fact that at some point higher speed enables the same train and crew to make more trips on a shift. Ridership experiences a boost when service is more frequent throughout the day and when there is an earlier first train and a later final train, even if those trains appear to be "mostly empty".

If the crew is paid at a constant hourly or per-day rate, then a railroad gets more trips out of the crew for the same dollar amount. The wear to a trainset is a bit more complicated -- how much more wear does a HSR trainset experience on a run that averages 170mph versus 190mph?
I guess I would fall into that catagory.

I want this to not double in price from the 2008 estimates.

I don't want the state to use tax dollars for a project that will impact very little people, and people that most likely have money compared to the average resident.

That's pretty much it. I don't know the exacts on time tables or anything, I am sure it could be better or worse, whatever. My main issue is with the insane cost increases and the fact that the taxpayers are paying for a project most will never use, most can't afford, and otherwise will not impact them in anyway(it won't take cars off the road, only take seats away from planes).
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