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Originally Posted by jmecklenborg View Post
Ahem...a rural grade crossing on a TGV line in France:

Aw, you found one place out of what, thousands of miles? Booyah! But those are very rare sadly and don't paint the true picture of French or European railways. Sorry to shatter your narrative

FYI! I never saw one on my way from Paris to Marseilles - Nice. Neither on my way from Rome to beautiful old Firenze (a town that is far above anything I've seen on the North American Continent). Neither on my way from Paris to London via Lille.

Let's cut to the meat here fellows: American railways are donkey and cart compared to European ones, with their willingness to invest in the best mode of travel rather than oil-only modes. European cultural superiority has reared its ugly head and the jokes on us.

Of course we know most of the US couldn't profitably do HSR, but in those places that could, they dropped the ball and went for the oil polluting, CO2 belching, NOx spewing, Cock Brothers special. A paltry effort was put into trains. The adorable Acela, that's runs on Victorian tracks and is built like a panzer on wheels. The horrible, bumpy Brightline which toots it's horn every 20 seconds, enough to give you hearing problems.
I could go on.

They chose the same bad decision that that old bag Maggy Thatcher did, with her train phobia. Britain didn't bother building any LGV's, but that doesn't mean they were right! Should have followed the sensible frenchies instead. Better food, better iron horses.

Now, for guns. Europe does that better too. They have laws where you can't carry a machine gun in your pants into a Walmart, smh. Oh, Europeans are still free, just as free as Americans btw.

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