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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
The still in progress lowering of ambition on the Peninsula is very discouraging. The authority should have steamrolled the opposition and pursued the initial plan of a fully grade separated four-track embankment or cut, that is how you build true hsr. That is what we deserved. What is being pursued now may very well haunt high speed rail AND Caltrain for 50 years.
LOL! You can't steamroll anything now a days, especially not a path of GREEN. Those wealthy NIMBY's rule the roost, this isn't China. We don't have the national's people congress giving orders here -- > "build 100 miles of grade separated caltran track by 12th December or else..."

Also, face it dude, you're a NIMBY if you had a house there. Say goodbye to your property prices when a 125 mph ROARING train passes by with an ever so cute little horn (hah). That's no sweet sound, mind. Fancy having to keep your windows closed all day? Fancy worrying that your yard time is going to suck?

I just love adorable YIMBY idealists spouting off when other people's house values are going to hell and little cute kiddies are being harmed by noise pollution. I'd like to see how they react when their own houses are being affected.. I doubt it would be pretty. 1/3 of your kids inheritance just .. poof!

If bumbling California ever builds anything here, they will surely live to regret their decision I suppose. But the decision was inevitable. The rich rule America, and if that was a poor neighborhood and if that were a BLACK neighborhood, there would be no f##'in around, that thing would be done done done in no time flat if the cash was there.. It's a kleptocracy fellows, a racist kleptocracy. The rich rule, the poor (and minorities) drool.

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