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Originally Posted by Knight Hospitaller View Post
Yeah, more residential doesn't add much to the mix, but I'm not sure that's such a hot spot for a hotel.
I mean, you're 50 feet from Elfreth's Alley. A block from the Race Street Pier and the Fringe Festival HQ (busy round the clock during the September Festival), 1.5 blocks to Betsy Ross's house, 2 blocks to Christ Church, 3 blocks to the Revolutionary War Museum, 3 blocks to the National Constitution Center, 4 blocks to Independence Mall, 4.5 blocks to the #1 restaurant in the country - all while staying in a bustling 19th century 'hood with eclectic offerings and energy. It's not going to attract corporate clientele, but your notion that it's not "such a hot spot for a hotel" seems off.

I don't hate the new design - the angular roof is interesting - but a hotel here would have been awesome and benefited local businesses far more than a few new residences.
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