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Yikes, I didn't realize I hadn't posted in this thread for over two months.

I feel a bit guilty posting a lot of Pennsylvania towns, but I've visited many of them and while it saddens me while I'm there, I do like to share the grit.

Brownsville, PA is located on the Monongahela River about 40 mile south of Pittsburgh. It's lost about 3/4 of it's population in the last 80 years (now less than 2,200). Here's some more info for those interested:,_Pennsylvania

Looks like someone needs to mow the steps

Steelers Country

Seems she doesn't want her picture taken

Heading down a street to the waterfront flats on the southside. Looks like there was once houses lining the street, but now it's trees, bushes, and stairs that lead to nothing.

Some houses on the flats. Quite a few empty lots too.

Heading to downtown

The Municipal Building (Police Station)

The City's tallest. I believe it's now an apartment building.

Market Street, mostly abandoned on the left side, mostly demolished on the right side.

Much of the above picture has apparently been demolished. the street level pics were taken in 2012, but this aerial must be later (area next to Brownsville Pharmacy)

The old Brownsville Union RR Station

A church which has seen better days

Don't believe I'd walk up these steps.

Going up a hill above the downtown

As seen from this overhead view, much of the hilly areas above the city are nearly empty. btw, the little development on the right is actually outside the city limits.

A couple of pics on the hill.

Definitely a "dead end" street

There are several areas with nice homes and some pleasant looking shops.

But I did want to highlight an intersection on the Northside, 5th Ave and Church Street.

The South corner

The East corner (the old Brownsville Hospital)

The North corner (Nurses' Dorm)

The West corner

I was pleasantly surprised by the Public Library.

Before I left the place I wondered what the town across the river was like.

Going over the bridge

On the other side,
I should have known.

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