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Originally Posted by waterchicken View Post
Second that!
Can we get this thread pinned here too?
I'm afraid that isn't how this site works if I understand what you are asking.

Generally, projects that qualify as "highrise" or "supertall" (12 floors or 115 ft in height) can have a thread in the "proposals" section when proposed and until they begin erecting something--that usually means until the excavation is done and they pour the foundation mat or some other portion of the structure. At that point, a mod is supposed to move them to the "Construction" section (but usually has to be asked and there a thread for doing that).

The general "compilations" section usually ends up being the home of projects that don't qualify as "highrise" and for new projects when they are initially proposed and until they are approved.

This 390 First project probably should have had a thread already and I'm surprised it didn't--at least a search didn't reveal one to me--because there have been earlier posts about it but I guess no one bothered to make one which is why I did.
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