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Originally Posted by Drybrain View Post
Is there any particular social problem being addressed by this? No, it's just the classic Quebecois xenophobia rearing its head. The only pearl-clutching here is from politicians stoking the fears of the ignorant over their language being diminished in some substantial way, which is simply not happening. Unfortunately there's a cultural moment right now when people are lending these perspectives a more sympathetic ear than they normally would, as we see with Bernier et. al.

But it's manufacturing a problem to "solve", where no problem exists. French is not under attack. Almost exactly the same percentage of Quebeckers claim it as their mother tongue today as did in 1901. StatsCan has the data. I don't think any additional requirements are needed, but if they are implemented, they should be upfront. Letting people in to build a life for three years, and then kicking them out because they fail a test is cruel.

Also, SignalHill, restricting mobility to immigrants until they become citizens is contrary to the charter of right and freedoms, and also seems cruel and heavy-handed. We'd have to revise the constitution to strip that right from people.

It's dismaying to see politicians jumping on this as some sort of easy issue they can look tough on, and undermining Canada's imperfect but pretty remarkable ability to integrate people from just about any background.
Couple questions for you:

1) Have you looked at your own data?

2) Do you have the ability to plot a linear regression over the last 30 years? (Or do you need me to do it for you?)
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