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Originally Posted by Glacier View Post
Highway 97 is a very busy highway. It's the major route to the Yukon and Alaska from the Western USA. It's the major route to the BC oil patch. It's the major route to the BC north coast. It gets a lot of truck traffic.

No, greenspace is NOT ugly! If you look at areas of cities where all the rich people live, they chose the greenspace areas with lots of trees and grass. The poor end up living in the wall to wall houses and concrete with very little vegetation.
Of course green space is great, no one would disagree with that. But median space isn't green space, it's just wasted space that didn't need to be taken from the land. The space in the middle is just muck.


Is nicer than this:

So from the information I see, that highway has an AADT of ~5000 south of Prince George. Like it or not, that isn't much traffic. In an ideal world, sure it would be upgraded, but BC has the harshest terrain in Canada, they have to prioritise and this road does not appear to be top of the list.
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