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i completely agree with you Dave and PaSkyX...everything you are saying is on point. i have no problem with spending the required $75 million to do this first project and to even raise taxes if need be. if it pulls in even 20,000 riders or more, it will serve as a reasonable dent to congestion over the bridges IMO. i travel over the harvey taylor and market street bridges every day for school and work and waste at least 30 min or more sitting in traffic. if there was rail, believe me i would be using it! besides, with a station on the riverfront and on city island, you have the option of using it to go to the events, ballgames, recreation, etc: provide bike racks on the trains and at stations and you got a real no brainer here folks extend the rail project to Hershey, Lebanon, Carlisle and other points and you have the potential of a 100,000 daily ridership. that will crush NJ transits new 1 billion dollar light rail project serving the camden/trenton corridor which only gets around 20,000 riders daily. small area my ass....
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