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Originally Posted by EastSideHBG
Hopefully you're right, PaSkyX. Karns is a great local business and I'd hate to see them get hurt in the process.

In other news, I found out yesterday that the city is attempting to buy a bunch of properties along Cameron St. near the Farm Show for a hotel. I can't comment on too much of it now because it's not really public yet, but my one friend's business was one of the ones the city approached. I knew there was going to be a hotel built to service the Farm Show, but that was supposed to be on their site in [what is left of] the Farm Show's parking lot. But another hotel along Cameron? Yeah, I think 2 hotels in that area could easily work...
hmmm...i definately think one hotel would work quite well...maybe two. i hope they are highrise buildings

let's say 10 or more floors, connected to the farm show complex by overhead or underground walkways :scraper:
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