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Yeah that's some weird shit, Chris. And did you notice how many people resigned from various positions in Paxtang? Something odd going on there for sure. :sly

In other action, the council accepted resignations from two of the three Paxtang Civil Service Commission members, Dennis Beaver and Mary Krautheim.

The council also accepted resignations from Paxtang Police Officers Scott Rupert and Jason Cleck.
Okay, now on to the whole Wal-Mart issue *sigh*

I think I MAY have changed my tune a little. A gentleman wrote a pretty good editorial in the paper on Sunday that really got me thinking. In a nutshell his comments were about if not Wal-Mart on that site, then what? We all know something is going to be built Wal-Mart the lesser of the evils? Apparently Harley-Davidson has been looking at the site for a "motorcycle testing area" (they have that new showroom/shop not even a block down that was built a few years ago). Look at all the warehouses that have opened up around there in the last few years. Is that what we will get instead of Wal-Mart, another warehouse and/or yet another trucking firm? Is that a risk we should take? We all know Holy Name is leaving, so who do we want there is the question. IMO "if Holy Name leaves" isn't even an option...they WILL be leaving.

With all the building on Rt. 22 a Wal-Mart there is inevitable, especially the closer you get to/in West Hanover Twp. With all the new housing developments and offices springing up there, you know a Wal-Mart and/or other big-boxers are bound to follow. Are we just pushing the inevitable even further down, resulting in even more sprawl?

The guy in the editorial also brought up a good point: if we don't get that Wal-Mart, we will be wasting gas to get to the other one. Without getting into all that he said, he was basically saying that no matter what choice is made, we will be supporting some type of evil corporation. Sadly, the man is dead on...

I don't know how to feel on this matter. I would absolutely HATE to see another warehouse there or something to do with trucks. On the same token, I'd hate to see Karns driven out of business (they are right across the street). Will a Wal-Mart Supercenter push them out of business? Who knows, but it seems like a risky situation. I think we LP citizens will lose no matter what we choose.
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