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Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's. This little cluster of taller buildings (which is also where the tallest towers in the city, after the Confederation Building, will soon be built) is located basically on the border between the Churchill Park, Mount Cashel, and Little Canada neighbourhoods. Not technically suburban, but certainly not connected to our Downtown West End modern tower core.

It looks close to Old St. John's in this photo because of the zoom lens.

The Confederation Building is located even farther from the Downtown West End core. It includes the West Block building immediately to the right of the original Legislature built in the 1950s.

If you look to the upper-right, you can see the Basilica's green roof and grey towers. The Downtown West End is even farther than that.

This is also an interesting shot to see the full extent of Old St. John's. Immediately below the Basilica, you can see it's still dense and colourful rowhouses. Visitors to here often don't realize the Old Town extends up and over the first hill. Old Town ends like a brick wall at Empire Avenue. Pre-Confederation rowhouses on one side, typical Canadian/American homes on the other. Empire Avenue was the ring road for St. John's in 1949, that was basically the full extent of the city.

Here's an aerial shot from Bing as an example. Empire Avenue is the unlabelled, vertical street in the centre of the photo. To the left is post-Confederation, to the right is pre-Confederation. It's kind of cool how quickly it changes - but I'd still like to see the left fill in a bit more.

And, again, it's not as though we lost any heritage structures or anything on the left side. It was just all farms.
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