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Originally Posted by P3FE View Post
BevoLJ congratulations on your superb effort. I am really enjoying your first page layout. Might I offer a few more projects for your proposed list? How about the StarOne Hotel at 5th and Colorado or the Gables project between Guadalupe and Lavaca on 4th or how about the hotel at 416 Congress? Perhaps the hotel that is poised to take over the Taco Cabana on Riverside or the Zach Scott Theater directly across the street could make your list? Is the Waller Creek tunnel project worth a mention?
Oh, awesome thank you. Has anyone heared anything about the Hotel 1? I found the old thread here... But I haven't seen anything about it in a while. Same with the Gables Republic Park. Although it does seem they still own that land. The 416 Congress site however, I think they sold it. Or it was for sell. Someone posted a link recently showing they were trying to sell the property, so I assume that project is dead? I also thought the Hotel at Taco C was supposed to start soon. But Taco C is still open for business. =) Here is my feeling about anything south of the lake. I kind of lump those projects in with anything from T.Stacy as wishful thinking. lol. The 60' max height requirement kills them all. The concessions the developers have to make to the South Austin NIMBY neighborhoods in order to surpass that 60 foot limit always manage to kill off the projects.

I would LOVE to include the Waller Creek project, but I don't think there is any part of it over 100'. It is under construction and it is a hugely important project in Austin.
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