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Originally Posted by someone123 View Post
There may or may not be cheaper ways to build, but the fact is that given the current rules enough developers are choosing to build in the suburbs that the city is missing its own densification targets. The planning rules are failing to produce the desired result, therefore something is wrong with them. It doesn't matter what the panelists think developers should be doing.

Who was the panelist? Bev Miller or something?
It wasn't Bev Miller. I forget her name, the names of the panelists were posted on the RP+5 site for a day or two leading up to the event but they've been taken down. She was representing a coalition (again I forget what it was called) that represented several different community groups, and I believe was involved with the EAC as a transportation specialist. I agreed with most but not all of what she said. The way she handled the question about the YMCA site bothered me, it seemed implicit that she meant that cheap building materials are preferable over any flexibility in height.
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