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Not wanting to widen any roads. Its nuts how some officials here think that there's no limit to how many people they can cram into a square kilometre of land. After a certain point, expansion has to be allowed, but not like what you get down in Florida (sprawl madness).

For instance, why in hell can't they just add bus lanes to Bayers Road and implement BRT along the 102, i.e. Route 182, similar to the BRT along Ottawa Road 174:

Here's a Google Streetview Image of what I'm talking about:,...,243.1,,1,5.12

At least they could get this done on Bayers Road east of the 102 viaduct in the short term and then extend it once a widened viaduct is built, while, having the Northwest Arm Drive Interchange (exit 1) converted to a roundabout diamond (Larry Uteck style) interchange and ram right-side bus/HOV lanes all the way up to Exit 4 in Bedford. Take a look at how the lanes are passed across the interchanges of Ottawa Road 174 (that design can be modified to also have the bus/HOV lane proceed straight across the overpasses with it briefly being an auxiliary lane in close proximity to the interchange merge and exit lanes.

About the HSC junction, I did recently send in a signal phasing plan to HRM that would theoretically allow the new bus lanes to be run right through the existing area (left turn lanes would become shared left/through lanes), with it's timings being similar to the Chain Lake/102 interchange and Burnside/111 interchange.

The mindless political rangling in HRM is a recipe for economic suicide, even with the shipbuilding contract.

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