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Originally Posted by RobertWalpole View Post
It seems that the best hopes for very tall towers are on the sites that are adjacent to -- but not included in -- the Yards. Developers will build every square inch that they're entitled to and each site.
Assuming you are talking about the railyards, the tallest on the western yards could be around 950 ft. The two commercial towers on the eastern yards are to be taller, but it's too early for a height estimate because I don't have the relevant information in front of me. But consider a few factors of the first, or smaller of the eastern towers. It will be a commerial tower of about a million square feet (700 ft or so) on top of a 5-story retail base (about 80 to 100 ft) topped by about 25 floors of residential space (250 to 300 ft). I could see it reaching supertall status.

Meanwhile, a look at some of the Hudson Yards proposals we are familiar with just north of the railyards, and how they relate to the site.

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