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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
This site is mostly a rail yard (well below grade; basically a trench).

So the reason it hasn't been developed is because it doesn't really exist yet.

Also, the entire neighborhood had the wrong zoning. Developers have been sitting on land for many years, just waiting for the neighborhood to be rezoned.
Right, also there's a discussion on construction methods in the FEIS.

Originally Posted by Obey View Post
Also, the buildings depicted above are still just concepts not final designs?

And I noticed some Alexander Calder sculptures in those renderings. Just an observation.
They're still concepts at this point. If you look at both renderings in that quote, you'll notice they're not even the same. There will be some form of sculpture around the site. But that last rendering with the Cultural building did answer one question I had about the site.

Originally Posted by mrnyc View Post
related wants the highline spur removed. i heard them say so myself at a highline meeting. it's something to keep a vigilant eye on.
I wouldn't see the loss of the spur as a total loss, as long as the high line itself remained. I do though, recall at some point talk of taking down the spur and replacing it with another connection. But as long as there are connections to street level, it's not as important.

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