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Originally Posted by fenwick16 View Post
No, halifaxboyns, I wouldn't vote you out of this forum for that reason. I might want to ask you a question about zoning and bylaws at some point. However, I wouldn't elect halifaxboyns for Mayor of the HRM, at least not at this point - maybe in 20 years once you have more experience. However, I might elect you as a councillor if I lived in your riding.

I understand Councillor Sloane is more concerned with preserved the historic nature of the Halifax area and I commend her for her efforts. I simply don't agree with many of her opinions and blocking of development in the downtown core (that is just my opinion and I doubt that she or anyone else really cares about my opinion).
Oh god I'd never want to be mayor or a councillor. I have too short of a fuse and no patience for people who complain and then don't come forward with solutions. If I somehow got elected; I'd be a one term kinda guy because I'd be standing up at council telling people to shut up and stop complaining lol.

That's why I work in planning - I like debate and proving my case to people, which is typically higher is better.

Calgary is fortunate (in most cases) that we have a very pro-development city council. That can be great when we get projects that are very good for communities and we really agree with them and the community opposes them. But it can also be very difficult in situations where a 'bad' project is being rammed through the system and we don't recommend approval and yet Planning Commission and City Council approve it. It all becomes a game of balance I guess.

We have one alderman here who reminds me of Sloane - his name is Hodges; he's been on council for a LONG time. Every now and then you hear him talk about the 'dudes' who pulled the 'capers' a while back - he makes me laugh. But he's quite reasonable. My group recently did changes to the rules for infill development in the inner city; in an attempt to get more files going through an as of right (non-appealable) process. Many of the communities were not in favour (except for those who didn't really care) and were fighting with their alderman to get it shot down. We met with Hodges (who I expected to be the most difficult); the meeting went really smoothly and he was on board. I was shocked. He asked a couple questions at city council; which I ended up having to draw a diagram using a highlighter (I didn't have a pen); but no issues from him. That's being reasonable. I still have the drawing.
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