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Originally Posted by halifaxboyns View Post
This was at regional council tonight because of the error in the grandfathering clause. I couldn`t watch it online...but Dawn Sloane had a phone number to call and listen in. When I called Bev Miller was just getting up - I couldn`t stand to hear that go on so I hung up.

Anyone see the result? reported that HRM council voted 18-5 in favour of allowing them to proceed with plans. Councillor Slaone was one of the ones who voted against allowing it to proceed and warned developers that there will be another chance for these developments to be voted down in council. Does anyone wonder why there is so little development in the downtown core? Are the downtown constituents really against development in the downtown core? Since many are business owners, I doubt it.

If the provincial government approves the convention centre, will it have to be approved by council? It is already in the HRM by Design.
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