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Wow, looking at NYGuy's diagram with the surrounding towers' heights written in, it looks like the Nouvel could be around 1300 feet tall! Here's how I figure:

The building to the west is roughly 500 feet. Now looking at the diagonal cross-bracing on the Nouvel, you can estimate that there are two complete "segments" of it plus the base, which looks to be about half the height of one cross-bracing segment. So figure 2 1/2 segments equals 500 feet, which makes for easy math---- one segment is 200 feet.

NOW, there are three full segments above the 500 foot mark, plus a crown which is a segment and change in height.. put it all together and I'm seeing a tower that easily hits 1300 feet!

And the best part about it is that it's a very slim tower. It could be a 500 footer and you'd still be able to call it slender.

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