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Hmm, a couple of odd things that are on the spec list that I’m wondering on. :

Shaded arcades under building’s perimeter to foster outdoor seating “café life”.
– The odd thing is that in the renderings I don’t see were the shaded arcades are located. In the rendering the exterior seems pretty vertical with almost no overhangs. I wonder if something changed.
Large two-story public forum with balconies for formal events and informal gatherings, the central element of the interior’s design
Spacious glass-enclosed student lounge/reading room off of forum.
– I wonder where in the building it will be located. I know they haven’t poured the remaining floors but it would seem at one point one floor will need to be skipped.
Two TV studios, including one that spans nearly 6,000 square feet, located on the 26-foot high top floor.
– At 26 feet it would seem that the building could indeed reach 110ft.
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