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Originally Posted by CGII View Post
The reason it's so horrifically ugly is that it holds thousands of telephone boards, like the AT&T Long Lines building, and they need to be contained in a safe, controlled climate.
Sorry, can't buy that argument. The function of the building is not why it looks like shit, the design is. Since the architect did not have to deal with as many occupant requirements as other towers it is even more aggregious that the end result failed to be a work of art. Towers like this are made to be architectural sculpture.

I like the Long Lines. Alot. I've always been fascinated with that building. Infact I once did a sculpture based off of it that nearly got me arrested while sketching it circa 1999.

I don't want to see this building removed, I would just like to see it made more visually interesting. I think it clashes with both the Brooklyn Bridge and the Co-op towers behind it.
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