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Prospect/Vitagraph Studios

Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post

Oh my, this looks like a good neighborhood for me to explore--maybe today? I wanna walk up and down those stairs. This is just east of what is now called the Prospect Studios on Talmadge Street, where ABC's former west coast studios/headquarters was (they moved to Glendale in 1999). Of course this studio was built in 1915 as the Vitagraph Studio; you can see it there in the 1938 photo.
Here's an undated (circa 1926) shot taken from the opposite direction with the Shakespeare Bridge (1926) on the upper left and the site of the Prospect Stairs upper right.
The worthy-of-exploration neighborhood is a bare, brown hillside. Shakespeare Bridge crosses the little canyon where the headwaters of Sacatela Creek rose.
The two little bungalows, connected by the entrance arch, at Prospect and Talmadge (right of center, at bottom) are still there of course.
Sorry it's so huge, but the detail is fascinating:


Three extras actually drowned here during the filming of Noah's Ark (1928). John Wayne
and Andy Devine, also working as extras on the film, obviously escaped.

and here's a small version of the big photo in case anyone doesn't want to scroll around:

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