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This story mentions the retrofit while they do the longer-term work to plan the Barton-Tiffany site.

But at full build-out, David said he expects 500,000 square feet of stage space at the Barton-Tiffany site alongside residential housing and live-work space for artists.

To start, Aeon plans to "retrofit" an existing factory elsewhere in Hamilton with at least 150,000 square feet of stage space to "get started as quickly as possible," ideally within the year, he said.


Building on the Barton-Tiffany block — which has a long industrial history — won't happen quickly. Aeon has yet to begin environmental testing or negotiate a purchase price for the city land.

Nothing will be built at the permanent site without "appropriate community consultations," added co-founder Jeff Anders, who said Aeon has already reached out to the Central Neighbourhood Association.
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