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Ahwell, thought you went a bit quiet. You've done well then. If you get to obsessed you end up doing zero work lol.

Auchineleck House could be anything yet. 2x 20 storey were reported almost 6 years ago but we havent heard anything since. Latest rumours apart from those were of a 28-30 storey. Not sure how much foundation that had but it seemed pretty resonable.

As you can see from my post above. Cumberland House could be a biggie. Not quite as big as 40 storeys. But certainly alot bigger then whats already there. I was thinking roughly 32 storeys. I'll be dissappointed if its anything less then 20 though. A good light, modern design however and ill be very happy. Its got to stay thin in my oppinion. Buildings down Broad Street are just far to fat. a tower like doon street in London would work a treat obviously alot smaller though.

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