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Jeff Bezos Dreams of a 1970s Future --- If the sci-fi space cities of Bezos’s Blue Origin look familiar, it’s because they’re derived from the work of his college professor, the late physicist Gerard O’Neill.

An artist's rendering of a space habitat that Jeff Bezos presented onstage for Blue Origin.

Florence in space, with the Forbidden City visible in the distance. (Blue Origin)

A rendering of a toroidal (donut-shaped) space colony made by Rick Guidice for NASA in the 1970s.

This is presented like its crazy but once we make launching cheap enough to become comercially viable this is how people will live in space.

They will primarily be conducting low g manufacturing (some stuff is better built in 0g) Tourism, mining of asteroids and other rocky bodies, R&D, and possibly even energy (if we can find a way to transfer down to earth effectively)

People dont like nuclear and building a solar aray large enough is tough on earth but in space.......

The commercialization of space seems like science fiction but it will be happening A LOT sooner than people realize.
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