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In Birmingham, I've never been in a highrise where the 13th floor isn't occupied.

We do have many office buildings that only rise to the 12th floor, but there isn't much care taken to avoid a 13th floor in our taller buildings.

The city's Design Review Committee has to approve any new large building in downtown. The isn't much vertical construction in the city center where one would expect to see a new highrise. However, on the Southside of downtown (anything between the tracks and Red Mountain) the DRC (Design Review Committee) does take care to limit the height of buildings so as not obscure the landscape (the Vulcan statue in particular). We have two new residential highrises (one nearly complete and one that has begun construction recently). The first was reduced from 17 floors to 12, and the one under construction is also being limited to ~12 floors. But, I don't see this as much as superstition, mostly just to preserve the view of Red Mountain (especially Vulcan) from pretty much any location in downtown.
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