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While on the subject of memories of Hollywood restaurants, here's one from an elder statesman here. For my seventh birthday in 1957, (I was already crazy about "Hollywood" and movie stars), my loving parents took me to the Hollywood Brown Derby. We were visiting from Fresno, my hometown.
The Derby seemed very glamorous to me. When we drove up in front I particularly thrilled to see the huge "Hollywood and Vine" sign outside the Broadway Hollywood. There were three movie people in the restaurant (seated at different tables) that my parents discreetly pointed out, none of whom I'd ever heard of, but I got their autographs. They were Raymond Burr (he was just starting "Perry Mason") and the waiter took me to meet him (he was friendly and polite), a character actress named Lurene Tuttle, and an old-timer from the 30's and 40's named Gail Patrick, who then was the producer of the Perry Mason series. Someone on a loudspeaker repeated "phone call for Mr. Burr" and a long-corded telephone was carried to his table.
I had a steak with French Fries, and I particularly remember a beautiful young blonde woman with a full-skirted pale yellow dress and white backless high heels waiting for a table with her escort. She was my little-boy idea of what a Hollywood woman should look like.
Just verified at Wikipedia what I recalled...Lurene Tuttle played a nurse on the TV series "Julia" back in the late 60s. The main star of Julia was Diahann Caroll.

Anyone remember the I Love Lucy episode that took place, in part, at the Brown Derby? It's one of the funniest TV episodes of all time.
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