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Originally Posted by Phxbyrd211 View Post
I was thinking about the northern part of the OCPE lot, the Ramada lot, the lot south of the radio station and the dirt lot west of the YMCA for starters. Arizona Center could certainly build one or two towers above 480'. I think the Pappas site is north of Chase and the copper point development could always be revived in the future. I think the hotel project on the east side of 7th St qualifies. Call me crazy but I think the central transit station could one day house a tower. This kind of thing done all the time in NY, Philadelphia, Boston and Chicago. The first two floors and below ground floors could still be used for transit while a tower sits above.

To the north I was under the impression that a tower could be added south of the Viad Center and I believe there are numerous lots around the library and Deck Park where slim towers could be built. Even if some parking or small structures are lost they would certainly be the best thing to ever happen to both the park and library. I've also often wondered if channel 12 would ever want to become developers and build a sky scrapper on their property. I have no idea if the spagetti factory would get HP protection or not.

I think demand might push development to at least half these lots as SoCha fills up.
WTF is SoCha? what an ugly name for ANY district
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