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I see this a slightly different way. If RED caves and the FAA continues its domination over DT phoenix then this could be seen as an inspiration to push up some heights in other parts of DT. If everything south of Chase must be short, then all the new (non OCPE or Jet) developement in north DT might be taller. We simply aren't getting enough bang for our buck in terms of office square footage and residences south of Chase SoCa. True there is plenty of space for trendy cafes, funky galleries, and hip lounges amongst the empty lots in Copper Square but relatively few spaces for 500+ footers. Perhaps north of OCPE and south of McDowell will become the tallest portion of our central corridor. The skyline will crest in that now empty portion and then slope down over Chase and City Scape to the warehouse district that will probably be capped at 100'. Between DT and Mid-town it might be a mountain range like effect up to Camelback. This could be the best possible look now that I tihnk of it.

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