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Originally Posted by MarkDaMan View Post
I can't find the source, but I saw on the news a couple weeks ago that intense rains caused that wall that start cracking and become unstable. I believe this is an 'emergency' reaction to a failing wall, and therefore there isn't any information on the work going on...I think...
I think this might be the same story (from the Tribune a while back). Doesn't sound like a fake to me:

Cracked, unstable wall closes downtown streets
UPDATE: Property owner working with consultant to repair structure, Jan 11, 2008, Updated Jan 12, 2008

The owner of an unstable downtown Portland retaining wall is working with a consultant to address the problem.

The cracked wall forced the city’s Office of Transportation late Friday evening, Jan. 11, to close a two-block section of Southwest Fourth Avenue near Market and Mill streets.

Transportation officials said that at about 9 Friday night several cracks in a 14-foot-long wall caused it to become unstable and dangerous.

The retaining wall is holding up a parking lot and is on private property. Although a collapse of the wall does not appear imminent, the structure is failing (map).

The city has closed the eastbound lane of Market Street between Fourth and Fifth avenues, and the northbound lane of Fourth Avenue on the west side between Market and Mill streets.

City crews have placed barricades at the location in order to protect life and property in the event the wall gives way.

The property owner told city officials Friday night that a consultant had been contacted to remedy the situation.

City crews will monitor the location throughout the weekend.

Motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians are advised to stay away from the retaining wall and use the other side of the street.
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