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Originally Posted by iheartphilly View Post
To be fair, West Philly has gone through some positive changes in the past 10+ years, even while under Blackwell's tutelage. In this timeframe, more businesses have started, more people moved in, property values increase, Baltimore Ave in West Philly improved with better street lighting and landscape. With new leadership, we can hope and expect that this will continue and be built upon to make it better for the people living and doing business in West Philly. Good luck to the new councilwoman!
low turnout means anything can happen. I dont think it's so much of a massive wave of opposition that sunk Blackwell, its simply that the new person had more engaged followers that showed up in greater numbers in a low turnout election. Blackwell likely NEVER Got a lot of votes in these primaries- she was unopposed so it didn't really matter.
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