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From my understanding the current annex design will be significantly changed to match the original architecture of the historic main Temple. What I also appreciated is that the landscaping will be significantly changed. From the main entrance view, the annex will be hidden by lush plantings. The beautiful symmetry site line of the main Temple structure will not be lost, but enhanced by landscaping and water features. At the side street, the newly designed annex will have more of a striking entrance. It won't just seem like a poor stepchild side door, but it's own segment of significance.

I am really liking this new generation of L.D.S. Temple and grounds planners. I don't know if it's as a result of the new L.D.S. President or possibly coinciding with more sophisticated tastes with American Planners in general. I think that if the historic Coalville, Lehi, and 33rd So. and State LDS Tabernacles were still with us today, they would have survived and have been rehabilitated.

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