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That adds some context to a memory of mine. Back in the mid-60s our family lived in the north end on Kaye St near Russell. We used to buy our treats at the Marine Corner store which was at the corner of Russell and Barrington across from that fence. By then the vertical pickets had disappeared and all that remained were the vertical posts and horizontal metal rails, not very safe even to my kid's eye. At the bottom of Russell lived a kid friend who I played with. One day there was a huge crash and we saw that a dump truck lost its brakes going downhill on Russell, shot across Barrington into and through the fence and down into the rail cut.

I seem to recall that the driver was injured but survived. The fence and its concrete base were not so fortunate. Months later a new section of concrete base was poured and a new section of fence was installed. You could see the different newer section for decades after.

When the old concrete began falling apart the 1960s section remained relatively intact.

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