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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
Additionally, in this pic from the Municipal Archives, dated 1978, there appears to be rail cars in the background to the right of this bus... could that be a view of the some of the artifacts being discussed?
Thanks for that, ODMark. Your ability to ferret out great historical images always amazes me. Yes, some of the Scotian Railway Museum rolling stock is visible in that picture. Sadly, it's a bit too distant to make out much detail or pinpoint the located precisely. But the yellow car just visible in the photo is the former Intercolonial Railway car baggage car, built in 1875 as a coach, as I recall, but later converted to a baggage car. (I'm pretty sure the car was never yellow when it ran on the ICR but it was part of a CNR museum train that toured the country in the 1950s and was painted yellow with gold lettering for that train.)

My first thought was that the adjacent red-coloured car was the 1907-built CNR caboose that was part of the collection but on second look it seems too large. That may be part of the "Ethan Allen" business car, which I believe was green originally, but may have been primed. So still some question marks.

In response to your earlier question, I'm fairly certain there was never more than one locomotive in this collection. In addition to the "Georgia Peach" switcher, the caboose, baggage car and business car, there was a former CN steel baggage car that was intended to house a model railroad display but I'm not sure that ever got built.
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