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Stalled project coming back to life!
Revealed: 290 West Street

Current Status:

Springtime has seen the Tribeca boom continue to expand, and 290 West Street — which had seemingly been stalled — is finally reaching skywards. VE Equities is the developer, and Adjmi & Andreoli led the project’s design, which has apparently seen changes since its last reveal, via The Post.

The building will present another contemporary-classic addition to Tribeca, mixing both modern and historic features. 290 West Street has been downsized since the design was first unveiled, losing two floors from its top; the re-configured structure also has a protruding window from its penthouse, a contrast to indentations featured in the previous iteration.

Still, the facade will have Adjmi’s trademark casement windows, and it also looks to integrate rooftop terraces for future residents. While the old scale of 290 West Street was also appropriate — and its intricacies more subtle — the new design will still present an opportunity for contextual growth. As the northernmost lot in Tribeca, its redevelopment speaks to the scale of the neighborhood’s renaissance, and how every corner is now being revitalized.
JUNE 5TH 2014
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