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Originally Posted by Vellu View Post
I really like the New Yorkish vibe the city has, so I'd like to see at least some shots with the kind of street traffic and crowds of pedestrians New York has. I know that's a lot of extra work, but I'm sure it would look awesome.
Its a lot of extra work yes. But its tempting, may have to wait a while before I can get to that stage.

Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
I would love to hear about that glassy tower in that last shot, which is magnificent btw,
Thanks Patrick, thats 74 Somerset. Not my fav.

Gradually adding more buildings to the north. The De'Ranged Hotel is a 106m high 1930's Hotel at the corner of Gloucester and 6th.
This junction will also contain one corner of the cities downtown park, yet to be fully planned, modelled or even named.

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