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Originally Posted by scalziand View Post
Nah, there will always be another zone to redevelop. I'm thinking up in Haarlem along 125th.

Interesting seeing the potential this site has to grow. Up to 1.5 msf, will be quite a tower.
125th Street is already an established business area with multiple rail and subway access. No new frontier there, but it is undergoing its own redevelopment. The Hudson Yards area is Manhattan's final frontier.

As far as this site goes, It's nice to see so much activity being generated in the Hudson Yards, but I'm not sure how I feel about Related gaining control of everything. They already control the 2 sites just north of the railyard development. If they get full control here, it will be 3 of the first 6. With their hands busy at the railyards, who knows how long they will sit on these sites. On the other hand, these sites provide marketing alternatives to the railyards, though it's doubtful the space would be cheaper.
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