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Originally Posted by Future Mayor View Post
If I'm not mistaken the underground tunnel to connect the concourses is already in place. Please correct me if I'm wrong Skyguy.
There is a tunnel in place, yes. Originally, the west end of a second north parallel concourse was to be built as part of phase one. It was determined that building the new terminal, the new main concourses and renovating current B, C, and D concourse would be more cost effective. The parallel concourse will be built in a future phase (and B, C, and D demolished) or possibly sooner should it be needed. Ultimately it will be the terminal and two long parallel concourses. But that is years away.

If the entire north concourse were to be built (and when it is), there would actually be three underground tunnels to connect to the main concourse and terminal. One of the west end, one in the center, and one on the east end. The center tunnel would have an underground people mover train and the other two would have moving walkways. The tunnel that has already been built is the west tunnel. Right now it's just sitting there until its needed.

Here are some pics of the UTA station under construction. Kind of mess now, but give it a couple months.

And lastly, a picture I took last night of the beautiful sunset. I wish I had something better than my phone to capture it.

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