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Originally Posted by isangpogi View Post
Wow! I love the idea of just one terminal to handle all traffic instead of several. Strange though how the new airport will have 12 FEWER gates... Is SLC in its present state overbuilt and significantly under capacity? My past experiences there would suggest otherwise...
SLC at its current state is designed to accomodate approxiately 10 million passengers per year. Right now, SLC handles 21-22 million passengers per year.

Besides outgrowing the current facility, seismic safety reasons and aging facilities is a a major factor in the need for a new terminal. SLC has also greatly outgrown its customs and immigration facilties.

Originally Posted by Orlando View Post
Terminal A is usually a ghost town.
Concourse A is packed and standing room only several times a day. Depends on what time of day you are there.

The reason for the 12 fewer gates is this...

Right now all of concourse E can only accomodate commuter aircraft. 28 parking spots (give or take) just for small aircraft. The new terminal will eliminate commuter specific parking spots and all gates on the new concourse will be able to handle any size aircraft, whether large mainline or a small commuter plane. Meaning each gate will be utilized more often, and fewer gates will sit idle when not used. So in actuallity, the airport will be able to handle more flights with fewer gates. Much more efficient and cost saving. Plus there are future phases of expansion which will be able to add several additional gates as necessary.

Just on a side note, as of right now the new UTA station/ welcome center is well under construction and should be finished this summer/fall. This is a temporary station until the new terminal is built. The future station will be located at the future parking garage, elevated on the second level and adjacent to the new terminal.

The new food court in terminal 2 opened last week and has Cafe Rio, Greek Souvlaki, and McDonalds. It is a very nice food court. I'll try and get some pics. Other food establishments and stores continue to open on a regular basis as old ones are renovated and new ones opened. A new Starbucks (the airport's fourth Starbucks) opened in the terminal two lobby a couple weeks ago. Wendy's should be open next week. Salt Lake Pizza and Pasta, Smash Burger, and Gordon Biersch Brewery are also under construction. Vino Volo Ale House, Manchu Wok, and one of the Seattle's Best coffe's will be opening soon as will the airport's 2nd U food Grill (on C concourse) and Pink Berry. Market Street Grill should start construction within the next month or so.

Edit: New terminal 2 food court pics

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